Finding Female Friendly Comic Book Stores - I need your help 

Sometimes going to a comic book store is annoying if you’re a woman. In some stores, you may get treated like you don’t know anything about comics (even though you do or simply want to learn more). 

I’ve complained about it in the past and I am certainly not the only person to do so. However, I want to do something positive to change the landscape.

I’m making a long list of female friendly comic book shops over on my blog. I posted the start of a list today and I’d like to add more. My goal is to compile a list of shops in which all consumers can feel comfortable and valued. Here is a link to the current list.

  1. You do not have to be female to add a link (we value everyone’s help and support)
  2. Business owners as well as customers may add a link
  3. Submissions from any location welcome (not just USA)

Instructions on adding a business are included in the link, but you can also contact me on Tumblr if that is easier for you.

Thank you for helping me promote businesses that support equality. Please reblog for signal boost if you think this is a worthy endeavor. I greatly appreciate it!

Thank you! ~Tara, fan of Thor